MP Bill Wiggin has criticised the "inherent blame culture" surrounding Herefordshire's rivers pollution problems, saying everyone needs to work together to fix them.

The Conservative MP for North Herefordshire said he had met with Rebecca Pow, from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, to discuss the ongoing phosphate problems in the Wye and Lugg.

The pair visited a farm in Brampton Abbotts, near Ross-on-Wye, to talk about how to solve the problems, and Mr Wiggin said he had been campaigning for improvements to the "pressing issue".

With a ban on housebuilding in the river Lugg catchment currently, due to the high level of phosphates, Mr Wiggin said it was "frustrating" local construction companies and people with planning permission who are not allowed to complete their building projects.

"This meeting was another step forward but of course there is still much to be done," he said.

"It is important that farmers who are paying for expensive fertilizer, keep it on their land as it is not in their interest to lose it or indeed any of their soil, into the rivers.

"Farmers clearly do not wish for this to happen either although there are some who could do more, most are already working to prevent erosion and soil loss.

"What is not helping is the inherent blame culture surrounding this contentious issue, this should stop and be replaced with a joined-up approach to create solutions that will benefit all."

To fix the problems, which include phosphate levels far higher than the target, he said it would require the work of not just the Government, but the Environment Agency, Welsh Water, local government and Welsh authorities as it was a cross-border issue.

"I will be meeting again with the Environment Agency in the coming weeks to look at a few North Herefordshire flood spots and discuss potential improvements," he added.

"If we can get these projects sorted out in the summer, then we avoid the misery of flooding in the winter.

"There are plenty of opportunities to find solutions, and I will continue to work on getting these realised as soon as possible."