HEREFORDSHIRE has been overlooked in a new list of the UK's prettiest villages.

The cottage company FBM Holidays have compiled this ranking. The company has undertaken research based on factors such as the number of Instagram hashtags for a location, the number of National Trust sites nearby and the number of Google images each place has.

Incredibly, such vigorous data analysis has overlooked the wealth of beautiful villages here in Herefordshire.

Many of the county's rural gems could easily be considered to be among the UK's prettiest villages. Here are 10 we think could definitely be in the conversation.


Hereford Times:

A village so nice King Charles I once spent the night here.


Hereford Times: Photo: Google MapsPhoto: Google Maps

One of the county's Black and White villages. It has a beautiful view over the River Arrow.


Hereford Times: Photo: Google MapsPhoto: Google Maps

Another Black and White Village. The timber of some of the village's buildings dates back to the 14th century.

Symonds Yat

Hereford Times:

A popular tourist destination. Its views are so stunning Netflix have used it as a location to film hit series Sex Education.


Hereford Times:

Located near the border with Shropshire. This village's church tower is a Grade I listed building and dates back to the 13th century.

Staunton on Wye

Hereford Times:

This West Herefordshire village has been inhabited since 1089, so it must fairly pretty.


Hereford Times:

A village so nice that legend says even a dragon settled there (no, seriously).


Hereford Times:

Another of Herefordshire's Black and White villages. Pembridge was granted a royal charter in 1239.


Hereford Times: Photo: Google MapsPhoto: Google Maps

Located in the east of the county, Pencombe's Norman-style church received rave reviews in the 1863 Post Office Directory of Herefordshire.


Hereford Times: Photo: Google MapsPhoto: Google Maps

Most notable for its striking church which was built in the Italian Romanesque style.