Should Hereford see fit to initiate a congestion charge, or any such similar penalty to those using the road system to gain access to a business or service located there I will simply bypass the city altogether.

I am only one man, but be assured my feelings are shared by many.

Hereford, by comparison, has not a great wealth of attractions or services, and those who serve as its administrators should be very careful about penalising those who would otherwise happily visit either for business or pleasure.

Indeed, like most towns and cities in the UK, Hereford needs to do its best to encourage increased business and visits.

It must surely realise that with a click of a mouse button the desired custom to the city will be lost with such an imprudent act.

For the sake of the city, its businesses and residents, I do hope Hereford's governing bodies will reconsider their intentions poste haste.

After all, this is clearly not the time to hinder the economic recovery of Hereford,  nor any other suffering metropolis.

Bradley McCreary