"Hereford the forgotten county".

That was the headline in the property section of a Sunday Times supplement in 1987.

Followed by massive influx of folks from London. In fact, the very next weekend!

Bromyard was heaving. Estate agents opened their doors on Sunday. Bill Jackson had property through the books so fast he didn't even see them.

Hereford never moved with the flow.

Here we are 34 years on. Still no byass. No investment for the future.

Fiddle fiddle fiddle. I am in a two-bedroom bungalow, no main drainage, no street lights, no street cleaning, potholes in lane. £2,500 a year rates!!

Paid £250 in 1987 for three-bedroom detached in one acre.

Hereford is now the place people want to forget, when they take 40 minutes to drive through in 35 degree heat.

Don't even start on the planning department or social services.

Nigel Cable