SHOCKING footage has been released showing children playing on train tracks between Hereford and Worcester.

Network Rail, which shared the footage, said cameras have repeatedly caught children "loitering and playing" on a level crossing between the two cities.

More than 70 trains use the crossing each day, it said, and travel at speeds of up to 70mph.

Over nine days in June, the cameras filmed 10 incidents of children risking their lives – ranging from not stopping, looking or listening before crossing, loitering for lengthy period on the tracks, sitting down while taking part in dares, to leave items of clothing on the rails.

Rhys Evans, level crossing manager at Network Rail, said the footage captured in Jamaica Road, Malvern, was concerning and showed local children weren’t aware of the potential dangers of trespassing on the railway – despite hard work to educate the local community.

“Our message to parents and guardians is to please warn your children that the railway is not a place to play. It’s absolutely vital that everybody remains vigilant when crossing the railway as trains are fast, frequent, and quieter than ever," he added.

Francis Thomas, from West Midlands Railway which runs services between Hereford, Worcester and Birmingham, said: “Railways are not playgrounds.

"Trains can not swerve, nor can they pull-up suddenly. If you are not on a train or in a station – quite simply, you shouldn’t be on the railway.”

With most children off school until September, parents and guardians were urged to make sure their young ones know the dangers of the railway and understand why they should never trespass on the tracks.