WE need a bypass in Hereford; it's a simple fact.

Some of it could be achieved by upgrading some of the existing roads.

It would be interesting to see how much has been spent on consultations over the past five decades.

It's funny how towns like Ledbury Ross-on-Wye, Kington and Worcester all have bypasses, even Leominster has a bypass, but Hereford for some reason has decided not to have one.

If you asked thousands of people who get caught in rush-hour traffic every morning what they actually think of having a bypass I'm sure the majority of them would be in favour of it.

Now that the old bridge in Hereford is not used by general traffic, Greyfriars Bridge has to take it all.

On some occasions it can be diabolical, and if there is so much as a small car accident on the Greyfriars Bridge this affects the whole of Hereford.

Jonathan Hartland