THE FUTURE of Hereford’s Town Hall lies in the hands of those who love it, according to Coalition councillor Gemma Davies.

After the news broke that Herefordshire Council can no longer afford the town hall, Coun Davies said: "As a Herefordian, I am as sad as any that austerity has led to the neglect of our precious civil buildings such as the Town Hall. Yet, under the present conditions Herefordshire Council cannot be a responsible landlord of the town hall.

"The council simply does not have the money to maintain the building properly and it will only deteriorate further. We must find another solution.

"Herefordshire Council’s revenue support grant from central government has diminished from £60 million in 2010, to £600 thousand in 2021. The effect of that on the council’s ability to support civic buildings, never mind people and families at breaking point, has been catastrophic.

"If ever there was a time for a partnership between the town hall and the community it serves, that time is now. It is time for a group to emerge that can forge a cohesive plan for how this much loved building can best serve the people of Hereford.

"There is no doubt in my mind that the town hall is an asset of community value and I look forward to seeing how a plan for the building can develop and how Herefordshire Council can help facilitate a viable vision."