NEW speed limits will come into force in Herefordshire next weeks, under new plans from the council.

Herefordshire Council said the A480 at Stretton Sugwas, and a number of roads in Kingsland and Cobnash would be affected by the ideas.

A traffic notice said vehicles will be stopped from travelling at more than 40 miles per hour on the A480 from the junction with the A438 to a point 354 metres north-west of the junction.

Acting assistant director for highways and transport Mairead Lane said in Kingsland, the 30 miles per hour limit will be extended on Chapel Lane and the B4360.

It also said the existing 30 miles per hour limits in Kingland would be "consolidated" and a 40 miles per hour speed limit would come into force at Cobnash.

The new limits will come into force from Monday, July 12, Herefordshire Council said.