THERE are no doubts over the future of a post office in a Herefordshire town, despite the business losing £2,000 a month when ownership changed hands three years ago.

The subpostmaster in Kington said he had been asked about the future of the post office in Bridge Street after Hay-on-Wye's branch closed when the owner retired after five years unsuccessfully trying to find a buyer.

The closure of the branch meant the border town was left without any banks or a post office, but the company said it was trying to find a permanent solution, with a mobile service currently visiting twice a week.

Responding to questions he had been asked about the future of the branch, Kington subpostmaster Tim Allen said he was working to turn the fortunes of the post office around, but it was not going to close.


He said it was just over two years since he took over the post office, but it coincided with Royal Mail closing the sorting office in the back rooms of the branch.

The first year saw the post office lose £2,000 a month, but progress has been made since.

Mr Allen said losses had halved over the last year as he expanded the retail side, but his town centre branch had also been hit by coronavirus restrictions limiting holidays abroad, as travel money and insurance were one of the main sources of income.

"Of course it has been a terrible year for everyone and for most high street businesses," he said.

"For us, after mail, the second biggest part of our income comes from travel money and travel insurance and there has been zero income from this for over a year now.

"We are looking forward to your holidays even more than we are looking forward to our own."


Mr Allen, who owns the building, said he was looking at refurbishing it after he completes a nearby project.

He said he took on the project after the previous subpostmaster left in 2018 as he didn't want to see Kington left without a bank of post office.

"I own the building, it wasn't that hard of a decision," he added.

"It's just what's the town going to do without banks or a post office?

"Kington's on a road to nowhere from nowhere, Hereford, depends on how it goes, is 35 minutes. There's nowhere else around, everywhere is a half-hour drive, but with a population of 3,500 and a rural community that it serves as well. It's a lot of people.

"I like a challenge, and I think one way or another it will be a successful business to be built up out of it in due course, it just requires patience."