People had to keep themselves fed, warm and amused after being stuck on the M5 for several hours last night.

A serious crash at around 5.45pm that involved seven vehicles, including a lorry and a motorbike, closed the motorway between junction 5, Droitwich, and juntion 6, Worcester.

After an air ambulance landed to remove a seriously injured casualty, the northbound carriageway was soon reopened.

But five hours later hundreds of people remained trapped on the southbound side as police continue to investigate the crash site.

Efforts to turn vehicles around from the rear of the traffic jam appear to have been delayed, with people struggling to remain still for so long.

While some have looked to amuse themselves during the extreme long wait.

A Tweet from West Mercia Police at 930pm said: "M5 southbound Jc 5-6 remains closed whilst we continue collision investigation work.

"We are working hard to try and reopen ASAP. Looking around 22.30hrs."

Tweets from the scene appear to show that the final motorists started to leave the scene at around 11pm, having been on the carriageway for six hours or more.