Councillor John Harrington has come out of hibernation to announce his approval of the increased parking charges for both on street and off street parking within the city centre.

He says the new charges are needed to manage demand, reduce congestion and improve air quality. How the new charges are expected to achieve this must be one of the council’s best kept secrets.


The ploy is to price shoppers out of parking in the city centre and manoeuvre them to Merton Meadow and St Martin’s car parks. He says we want people who come to shop to be able to park for longer at a cheaper rate just outside the city centre with time to dwell and spend well locally.

The problem is shoppers will not want or may not be able to cart around heavy bags of purchases to these car parks.

The traffic congestion he mentions is caused by traffic build-up from the A49, A465, A438 and A4103 converging into the centre of a city that needs a bypass.

Directing more traffic to use the mentioned car parks will introduce even more traffic onto the already congested A49.

Garry Cullen


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