NEW planters have been popping up in Hereford city centre as the council tries to create a more attractive environment.

It's part of a £100,000 plan for "green space enhancements", which stems from Herefordshire Council wanting more trees in residential and public areas of the city.

The funding, part of a £750,000 grant from the government, was granted in July 2020.

Herefordshire Council said that it also intended to spend the Towns Fund grant on other projects, including a St Owen's Street cycle contraflow, improvements at Maylord Shopping Centre and refurbishing Castle Green Pavilion.

The green space enhancement project was split into two parts, one of which being what the council dubbed "city centre landmark trees".


Due to underground services, some of which were not recorded, the council said planting trees into the ground would be unsuitable in some area, so opted for the planters as they needed little or no site preparation or excavation.

Hereford Times: The new planters are part of a £100,000 project. Picture: Jon SimpsonThe new planters are part of a £100,000 project. Picture: Jon Simpson

"Planters also provide the opportunity to minimise ongoing revenue costs through incorporation of watering and ‘feeding’ systems," a decision notice to approve spending of up to £100,000 said.

"The planters provide their own visual amenity and can brighten up the local cityscape.

"They can also offer additional features benefitting visitors to the city such as seating, shade and shelter from wind funnels created by enclosed streets.

"Planters also offer a safe and secure opportunity for trees to be present in busy street setting by raising potential hazards well above reach of the public."

Herefordshire Council said it was expecting all planters in the city centre, including in Commercial Street, Eign Gate, Widemarsh Street and Trinity Square, to be finished by early June.


The second part of the scheme was for residential areas and other public areas, but said one barrier was finding suitable planting sites.

That's why it decided to give away 500 free trees to people who applied before the end of March.

Green party councillor and Herefordshire Council cabinet member Ellie Chowns said: “It is a priority in our county plan to improve the natural environment for local communities.

"Tree planting is a great opportunity for people in Hereford to contribute to the future of the city by helping to create new spaces for nature and a greener environment for future generations.

“Trees bring many benefits for people as well as nature – they are visually attractive, they help improve air quality and they help tackle climate change."