Councillor Elizabeth Foxton (Letters: On your bikes, May 6) misunderstands Frank Myers’ concern about the unlikely Hereford City “through traffic” figure of 7 per cent currently being bandied about.


This may relate to the number of vehicles which both start and finish their journeys within the city, such as the schoolchildren and the Rotherwas workforce she cites.

It doesn’t account for the 44,000 vehicles crossing the A49 bridge in Hereford daily.

Some of these will belong to people coming into Hereford from further afield – to work, shop, go to the hospital etc.

Probably even more of them – including heavy goods vehicles and delivery lorries – are driven by people who don’t want to be in Hereford at all but are simply passing through from one side of the county to another, for whom there is no sensible alternative route.

All of these contribute to the congestion but all of them are adversely affected by it.

They will not benefit from children taking to their bikes and most would not benefit from a Rotherwas crossing.

Cllr Foxton should put observation, experience and common sense before implausible statistics!

Moreover, as a county councillor, she should be looking at what the county needs, not just the residents of her ward.

The city houses less than 30 per cent of the Herefordshire population; the other 70 per cent of us would like to feel that our county council recognises our importance.

Julia C Evans

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