It’s good of one of our local MPs (Bill Wiggin, Opinion, May 13) to enlighten us with his comments on the recent elections.

I was particularly interested in his analysis of the vote in Scotland; that because the SNP had not reached an overall majority of seats (falling one short) they were not entitled to demand another referendum, despite that the fact that with the Scottish Greens they have a comfortable majority.

To augment his argument he prays-in-aid the fact that more voters in Scotland voted for unionist parties than voted for the SNP and the Green Party.

This would be the same Bill Wiggin that strongly supports the current Tory Government with a very large majority of seats in the House of Commons with a popular vote of just under 14 million votes, as against some 18 million voters who voted for other parties at the last General Election in 2019.

Seems to me that this is a prime reason why our electoral system of FPTP should be reformed.

PS: The Scottish Referendum was held in 2014 and not 2016 – I think that Bill Wiggin must have got mixed up with that other referendum!

Tony Jarvis

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