WHILE we all know Hereford as the city home to cider, the SAS and Ronnie Radford's goal, it's not the only place in the world with that name.

According to the website Geotargit, there are four places called Hereford on the planet.

One of these is in England, unsurprisingly.

But there are also 10 Herefords in the United States of America, one in Zambia and another in Argentina.

Here's a quick look at them all:

  • Hereford, West Virginia, USA
  • Hereford, Virginia, USA
  • Hereford, Texas, USA
  • Hereford, South Dakota, USA
  • Hereford, Pennsylvania, USA
  • Hereford, Oregon, USA
  • Hereford, Missouri, USA
  • Hereford, Maryland, USA
  • Hereford, Colorado, USA
  • Hereford, Arizona, USA
  • Hereford, UK
  • Hereford, Lusaka, Zambia
  • Hereford, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Of all the places with the same name, Hereford in Texas in one of the biggest.

Some interesting facts about this city is that its local water supply an a high level of naturally occuring flouride in its water, warning in the motto "the town without a toothache".

In 2010, its population stood at 10,000 and was the only incoroprated place named Hereford in the country, the others are not incorporated.

The area is known for its semiarid climate, with heavy farming and ranching throughout the area sustained by irrigation from two aquifers.

Looking further south, Hereford doesn’t stand out on a map of South America, .

Made up of a tiny cattle farm, lost somewhere in the vast sprawl of central Argentina, is about as remote a backwater as you could expect to find on the continent.

In 2014, Joe Viner made the trip to Argentina to find out more.

Mary Goodall, who was 76 at the time and lived on the farm, believed Hereford could have grown significantly had the railway not fallen into disrepair in the 1950s.