TWO doctors’ surgeries in Leominster are planning a move to a new building as their current premises are “sub-standard”.

The Marches Surgery and Westfield Surgery in Westfield Walk said there is a proposal to move to a purpose-built centre in Porters Mill Close, off the A44 near B&Q.

The surgeries said the current building is sub-standard for delivering modern primary care services, and it is also “far too small for the growing population being cared for”, as well as for the numbers of doctors, nurses and other staff.

“The proposal is to move from the current premises in Westfield Walk to a new, purpose built primary care centre located on land identified in the north of Leominster on Porters Mill Close,” the surgeries said.

As part of the relocation and development of the proposed new surgery, patients are being asked to give their feedback and opinions on the move.

The survey, which can be done online via the surgeries’ websites, will help the NHS to develop a new primary care centre that meets the health and social care needs of everyone in the local community, a spokesperson said.

The Marches Surgery, which also has a site in Bodenham between Hereford and Leominster, said the move would only affect the two town centre sites.

“The survey relates to the new building in Leominster,” a spokesperson confirmed.

“Bodenham surgery will remain the same, however, as the Bodenham surgery is able to utilise the services in our Leominster branch, it would be beneficial for Bodenham patients to complete the survey as well.”

The survey has 25 questions covering issues from caring responsibilities to what features patients think the new sites should have.