WE all love a story with a happy ending, and this one takes some beating.

This adorable pygmy goat kid has been reunited with its mother at a Herefordshire farm shop after an appeal for its return went viral on Facebook.

The kid went missing a week on Saturday at Wynnes of Dinmore, a farm shop that also keeps and sells goats, alpacas and poultry.

It was reported to West Mercia Police, who suggested an appeal on social media.

A spokesperson for Wynnes said: "It went viral, and last night she was returned.

"She had been put over the gate and left on the open yard.

"Her stomach was, luckily, full and she looked in good health.

"We immediately reunited her with her mother.

"This has been an upsetting time for the staff here at Wynnes, but we want to thank all of you who shared our message on social media.

"We also want to thank the person who returned her: thank you for doing the right thing.

"As a result of this, and advice from the police, we are currently taking measures to improve farm security."