BOLLARDS are being installed to stop cars driving through a town on the Herefordshire border.

Certain roads in Hay-on-Wye are closed to vehicles during the coronavirus pandemic to help people socially distance.

Hay-on-Wye Town Council said all closures will be lifted once the Welsh Government ends all restrictions.

Mayor Trudy Stedman said in a meeting on April 12 that the town council would ultimately be responsible for raising and lowering the new barriers, despite Powys County Council paying for and installing them.

Coun Josh Boyd-Green said Powys County Council had previously been responsible for opening and closing roads in the town every day.

Coun Stedman added some business owners in the town feared the barriers, which are only meant to be used during the coronavirus pandemic to give road space to pedestrians, would be permanent due to the cost.

But Coun Stedman said they were not, and she had spoken to Powys County Council who said the barriers were not "that expensive".

As part of the measures, there is no vehicle access into the centre of town via Castle Street or from Broad Street into Lion Street between midday and 5pm every day, according to the town council.

Parking spaces have been removed and a one-way system is also in place.

Coun Stedman said emergency services will all have the code to get through the bollards.