VOTERS in Newton Farm head to the polls to elect their representative on Herefordshire Council next month.

These are the candidates standing for the May 6 election.

Hereford Times:



I live in Newton Farm. And my father worked at Special Metals Wiggin. My grandfather wound the Buttermarket clock.

And my first job was with Smart & Brown before I joined the British Army, serving for 10 years.

I have a strong reputation of standing up for Newton Farm and getting things done.

I also support a bypass for Hereford.

Walking my granddaughter to school, I am aware of the fumes that local children and residents have to breathe in every day.

I was elected in 2003 as a councillor, and I’m still pushing for more to be done about dangerous driving, anti-social behaviour and improving the city.

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I want to be elected to defend public services, particularly the NHS, which remain starved of funds after 11 years of austerity and went into the Covid pandemic with insufficient resources.

Labour in Hereford is committed to restoring services for young children and families, provide better youth services and improved facilities for the over 65s.

The streets should be made safer by the presence and availability of more police officers. There is a clear demand for better air quality, more efficient public transport and better facilities for walking and cycling within the city. Labour is strongly opposed to cuts in council services, so if elected, I would support the sustainable agenda of the current coalition.

Hereford Times:



I lived in Newton Farm with my parents until I was married at 23.

I was educated at Hunderton School and then Redhill School.

I began work as an engineering apprentice at Special Metals Wiggin and worked for several local companies in management roles.

I believe in being free from the control of any political party, pressure group or whip to serve the community needs. I am committed to values built and based on local people, setting local priorities, and answering to the local community.

My focus will be on improving local services in all areas of concern to the community and to promote social harmony, equality, diversity and sound environmental stewardship.

Hereford Times:



I was your Herefordshire Independent councillor for Newton Farm between 2003 to 2015.

I was successful in stopping the post offices from closing, taking a 10,000 signature petition by the residents to 10 Downing Street, also getting bungalows built on the Oval Regeneration project and successfully stopping the GP walk-in centre at Asda from closing.

My decision to stand again is because my intention is to call for a referendum to take the decision for a bypass out of the hands of Herefordshire Council, councillors and officers, to reinstate the funding and complete the building of the road for the residents of Newton Farm.

Hereford Times:



The recent decision to cancel the much-needed bypass through the city has made me want to stand as a councillor I’m a volunteer at St Michael’s Hospice shop in Holme Lacy Road and a Girl Guide leader.

I know that Herefordshire is more than just about a bypass. Job opportunities are limited, as is affordable housing, but a lot of things always point back to the A49 running through the middle of where we live.

We need to get heavy goods vehicles out of the city, and an alternative way to cross the river. But I believe it is not the council’s decision; it should be yours.

The decision needs to be made by all of us. We need a referendum on the bypass.

Hereford Times:



I’m passionate about people, and have lived in Newton Farm for more than 30 years.

I taught at the local nursery and am now working in the NHS.

Newton Farm has had its heart ripped out, with three community centres gone.

The area needs a hub with a library and study area, cafeteria, conference and function room.

This would be ideal for children who need resources to study.

And it would also be good for clubs and services to return and allow the community to thrive.

We need a place for the families of Newton Farm that is inclusive, not exclusive.

Hereford Times:



I am originally from Northern Ireland and moved to England in 1997.

I have worked in the health and social care in different roles across the sector for many years.

I am acutely aware of shortfalls in that sector and will fight people’s cases in this area and many others.

I am standing for the Newton Farm ward as I come from a similar area and want to represent a working class community.

And I am standing as an Independent because I am fed up with national political parties.

I will not be answerable to a group or group leader.

I will only be answerable to the people of Newton Farm.


RESIDENTS of Newton Farm can vote in the by-election on Thursday, May 6.

Polling stations are at Belmont Community Centre, Eastholme Avenue,
and the Three Counties Hotel (Worcester Suite), Belmont Road.

They are open between 7am and 10pm.

More information:

  • What do you feel are the most important issues affecting Newton Farm?
  • Do you think the area needs more services and community centres?
  • Would a new Hereford bypass help local people?
  • Or are better public transport links in and out of the city centre what is really needed in your neighbourhood?
  • What do you want your next councillor to do for your community?

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