Over recent weeks my wife and I have been so impressed with all the litter pickers that have been scouring our roads, and what a difference they have made. Well done, all of you.

But I have always thought that there is a lot more to this than just lazy folk throwing rubbish out of the car window.

Every day we see countless council lorries doing their rubbish collection, we see rubbish hauled from Rotherwas to Worcester processing plant, and then we have builders’ lorries and skips darting around from A to B. All these should have their load netted or sheeted, but not all do this.


Yesterday we happened to follow a rubbish collection lorry going down the Callow and we could see small bits of litter swirling around in the rear of the lorry, and out flew what appeared to be two crisp packets, a little further and more small bits flew out, and again along the new road to the skip.

I am not really getting at the council workers, but drawing attention to all the trucks that have product flying off the back.

Yes, there are some really terrible people in cars driving around throwing stuff out of the windows.

If you carry it out full surely you can take it back empty, and that applies to folk who are out walking our country lanes and footpaths.

So, yes, it just happened to be a few crisp packets, but if every truck or builder’s van dropped one crisp packet a day, we would soon be in a bad way.

I’m also sure that no driver is really driving off intentionally with stuff blowing around.

All I’m saying is just check and use fine netting where possible to avoid this littering.

Eric Joseph
Much Birch

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