A new feature-length documentary explores the Herefordshire village of Hope Mansell through a series of interviews with many of its residents.

Filmed between 2017 and 2020, A Parcel of Time is a portrait of a village at a time of change, an exploration of a rural community, and an oral history resource. Told through the story of one Herefordshire village, this is the story of all villages in England - of many it's the past, of some it's the future: the transition from a community of farmsteads, to a community of incomers.

The production involved interviews with more than 40 local people, covering a period in memories and activity from the 1930s to 2020. The full interviews, with transcripts and more, can also be found at hopemansellhistory.uk.

Click here for a trailer of the film.

The film is available to rent or buy online worldwide on filmdoo.com and reelhouse.org, snd on Amazon Prime Video in the UK and the US.

Ian Lewis, who moved to Herefordshire nearly five years ago, has been directing film and television productions for a long time, filming around the world, and winning several awards.

A Parcel of Time is an exploration of the ancient village where he now lives, and was, says Mr Lewis, a little bit inspired by Nikolaus Geyrhalter’s Over the Years, which follows the fortunes of a community in Austria. Music is arranged and performed by David Cooper Orton from tunes collected in Herefordshire by renowned Herefordshire folklorist Ella Mary Leather, who influenced and worked with Ralph Vaughan Williams.