Today, I received a parking charge (from Corporate Services, Hereford) for overstaying by five minutes at Queenswood Country Park. The charge is £100 or £60 if paid within 14 days. I have appealed on the following grounds:

1. Your camera shows the time of admission to the car park and the time of leaving. We purchased the ticket some minutes later after parking the car and queuing to pay for the ticket in the machine.

2. You must take into account the time lag for entering the car park and purchasing the ticket.

3. After completing the walk in the beautiful woods, I had to take off my boots which takes a few minutes as I have had a knee replacement.

4. I am a pensioner and your fine of £60 represents a week’s payment of my pension. That is no mean charge.

Have any other readers experiences similar to this?

Brinley Morgan