Mastercraft Cycles has traded in Bridge Street for 68 years and has survived many ups and downs during this time.

It is with sadness that I have felt compelled to write this letter regarding the current situation that is now Bridge Street.

Last summer, Herefordshire Council decided that due to social distancing, it would be a great idea to close off the old Wye Bridge to all traffic except taxis, buses, cyclists and pedestrians.

They put up huge signs at the end of St Martin’s Street and at the top of Bridge Street to say that the road was closed (even though it is possible to drive down and park.)

I have watched many people drive to the top of Bridge Street, hesitate, then turn around and leave.

The drivers who are brave enough to ignore the 'road closed' signs and enter the street to either pop a bike into us or collect a bike, are quite often very nervous about doing so.

We need the bridge to re-open to all traffic as soon as possible and for Bridge Street to come alive again, especially in time for the hopeful April re-opening of our hairdressers, cafes and pubs.

Passing trade has always been important but now, more than ever do we need customers to be able to get to us without obstacles.


During the lockdowns, many of us have got into the habit of shopping online, but once shops are allowed to re-open it would be a very sensible idea for Herefordshire Council to aid the process for real life shopping before it is too late to save our high streets and town centres.

Let’s get Bridge Street vibrant again.

We have the beautiful old River Bridge and De Koffie Pot/Left Bank at one end and our stunning Cathedral at the other.

Hopefully, it won’t be too much longer before we can welcome visitors in to our beautiful city again.

Please, Herefordshire Council, stop excluding them from this side of the city by greeting them with a most un-welcoming 'road closed' sign.

Maybe we could even offer visitors a little bit of free parking!

Lynette Quinton

Mastercraft Cycles

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