AN AREA of Hereford recorded almost no Covid cases in the latest seven-day figures released by the Government.

Hereford South West was classed as having ‘suppressed’ coronavirus and recorded less than three cases in the latest seven-day localised figures up until February 11.

Being classed as “suppressed”, means that fewer than three cases have been recorded in the seven-day figures.

Exact figures in areas lower than three cases are not shown to “protect individuals’ identities”.

Just five Covid-19 cases were recorded in Hereford Central and saw a reduction of 79 per cent, the equivalent of 19 cases, in the seven days up until February 11.

Hereford Times:

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Elsewhere in the city, eight cases were found in Hereford South, 10 in Hereford West, 15 in Hereford North West, nine in Hereford North East and 10 in Hereford East.

The interactive online map, which divides the county into 21 ‘middle super output areas’ of about 7,000 people, also shows Fownhope, Tarrington & Marcle along with Wigmore, Orleton & Brimfield as both being classed as “suppressed”.

Previously Leominster was classed as “suppressed” but in the latest figures three cases were recorded in Leominster North and four in Leominster South.

Meanwhile, five or fewer cases were reported in Kington, Eardisley & Staunton; Belmont, Madley & Clehonger along with Kingstone & Kingsthorne