The decision made by full council to cancel the bypass as well as the South Wye Transport Package goes against what I campaigned for, especially considering my ward of Redhill, but the decision has been made democratically.

My concern is that, with all the opportunity to debate, with all the documents (and there are lots of documents) to read, all the consultants’ information and profession opinions to refer to as well as our officers, with all their knowledge and accessibility for discussion and explanations, fellow councillors chose to abstain from the decision making process.


Even after having years to engage wither their constituents and gain invaluable feedback, they still could not make a decision about the most important issue most of them will ever face.

There is no way to know who voted in which way, we used to have a show of hands, but it’s a tap of a button.

A question to my fellow councillors, on such an important issue, why did you choose not to take part in a decision such as this that affects the whole county.

Coun Paul Rone
Redhill Ward
Herefordshire Council