Included in the planning applications published this week in the Hereford Times Public Notices this week is one seeking permission to install 22 static caravans on land off Roman Road near Newbridge.

Among the supporting documents for the application is an updated report on the installations’ impact on wildlife, in particular protected species and/or priority habitats. A first visit was made in 2018, with an updated visit carried out in November last year.

Inspectors found that the hedgerows and trees along the driveway would not be affected and there were no potential bat roosts. They found no signs of badgers, though rabbits were found to be present.

Having assessed the site, with consideration given to the woodland and hedgerows’ potential for nesting, the report found that the proposed development would not cause a disturbance as no trees or shrubs will be removed.

Taking everything into account, the report concluded, from an ecological perspective, the proposed development would have very little impact on wildlife or habitats.

l An outline planning application has also been submitted for a residential development of two homes in Munderfield near Bromyard.

“Such an amount of development also reflects the historic growth of Munderfield, which has been developed both recently and historically by a number of smaller developments,” says the planning statement from Tomkins Thomas Planning.

Here, too, an ecological survey by Ecological Services Ltd, which assessed priority species and their habitats found that there would be no overriding impacts from the development.



Following a death, the executor of a will may issue a ‘deceased estates notice’.

An executor is liable for debts that belonged to the deceased, and may have to pay these once they’ve been claimed and proved, but you are covered, if you place a deceased estates notice in The Gazette and in a newspaper local to where the person lived.

Claimants then have two months and one day in which to make a claim before the estate is distributed. The executor is judged to have made sufficient efforts to locate anyone with a claim after this.

Recent deceased estates notices published in the Hereford Times relate to the estates of Richard Davies (Lanyon Bowdler, Bromyard), late of Kingfisher Creek, Dinmore Hereford; George Cuthbertson Stevenson (Okells Francis Law, Ross-on-Wye), late of Brockhampton Court Nursing Home and Jane Baker (Lambe Corner, Hereford), late of 15 Traherne Close , Lugwardine.

If you believe you are related to one of the three and therefore might have a claim on their estate, or if you are a creditor, you have until March 22, 2021 to make a claim.