THERE are plans to set up a county-wide partnership to tackle the climate and ecological challenges facing the county.

Herefordshire councillors have suggested establishing a 60-person board with a broad membership that would work together to help improve the local environment.

Environment, economy and skills cabinet member Ellie Chowns said they are hoping the partnership will be very broad, and that people who are interested in the climate and ecological emergency will get involved.

“What we are suggesting is a board with four categories of members,” she said.

She said this would include the organisations which have the biggest environmental impact on the county, ecology experts, public sector bodies and organisations that represent and reflect public opinion.

“The proposal would be to have a board of 60 people divided as equally as possible between those groups, specifically with that aim to engage as wide a range of stakeholders as possible.”


Coun Barry Durkin supported the idea, but raised concerns over the partnership’s accountability.

“Are we not looking at an unelected, unaccountable group running the council’s climate and environmental situation?

“I just wonder if we are giving away a lot of the decision-making power and council tax funding to an unelected, unaccountable group.”

The proposals have come forward as part of the council’s climate and ecological emergency review.

Councillors have called on council leaders to take on board their suggestions and these will be discussed by cabinet.