A HEREFORDSHIRE charity instrumental in changing the lives of thousands of people living with learning disabilities is celebrating 25 successful years with the publication of an inspirational new book.

Landau Herefordshire, which operates from the Priebe Building in Hereford's Red Barn Drive, is a leading provider of supported employment and training.

Since becoming a registered charity in 1995, it has helped young people and adults across the UK to create meaningful and fulfilling futures for themselves by supporting them into long-term employment.

To mark the charity’s 25th anniversary, an inspirational new book featuring the achievements and success stories of those benefitting from Landau’s vital services, is to be published.

Chief executive Sonia Roberts said: “We are absolutely delighted to be celebrating such a significant milestone in the charity’s history and thrilled that so many people have come together to share their positive experiences and achievements in this new anniversary book.

“Landau helps thousands of disadvantaged and isolated people each year to fulfil their dreams and potential by supporting them to find training and employment so there is no one more qualified to tell our story than those who have inspired, who have served and who have been impacted by our work.”

Café employee Wendy Rosier from Hereford is one of the 10 case studies to be showcased in the book.

She met Karina Cullen, one of Landau’s placement and support employment specialists for the NHS, in 2019, after seven years without employment.

Wendy suffers with bipolar disorder, a mental condition which causes extreme shifts in mood, and as a result she had lost confidence in her own ability to find a suitable job.

But, working alongside Karina, Wendy was very quickly able to develop new skills through basic training which soon boosted her self-esteem.

Within weeks Karina had found Wendy a job working at coffee shop Café Bodega, in King Street, where, a year on, Wendy still works serving tea and coffee to customers.

Karina said the job had transformed Wendy’s life, giving her a new found independence and confidence.

“She told me that she absolutely loved her job, and the staff and manager were all so nice. She seemed so much more positive and was so happy to share the fact that she was working when she spoke to friends and family," Karina said.

Mrs Roberts added: “Wendy’s story is exceptional but it’s not a one-off and the book demonstrates this. The work we do has a real impact on people’s lives, their future and their success and for that we are immensely proud.”

For more information on the services provided by Landau visit the website https://landau.co.uk.