A HEREFORD couple have told of the frightening experience of learning they had coronavirus moments before the birth of their first child.

Gemma Robinson, who is landlady of the Stables in West Street, Hereford, was informed as she was being taken to the operating theatre that she had tested positive for illness.

When her baby, Florence, was delivered on December 20, Mrs Robinson, 37, was surrounded by health workers in full protective suits, but the healthy girl was born weighing 8lb 7oz.

Her husband Craig, the manager of a car dealership, praised the NHS staff who had been "amazing throughout", but said it was a frightening experience for Gemma giving as it was already a complicated birth.


"She had a bad night's sleep and she had intense contractions on December 19, then she went in (to hospital) on December 20 and her waters broke," he said.

"I couldn't stay because you can't have visitors until she's actually going into proper labour, but they kept her in as her blood pressure was slightly high.

"At the visiting time, 4pm until 6pm, I could see her.

"They then started trying to deliver the baby there and then, but it got to point where they had to take her for an interventional delivery, which means going into theatre and having an epidural.

"It was a spinal injection, and then using instruments to deliver the baby.

"But just before going in, because they didn't want to alarm her, she had tested positive for Covid-19.

"She went into theatre and they were wearing all the protective suits.

"They delivered the baby just before they were going to call time on it and go for a C-section. Just in the nick of time the baby was delivered."

Mr Robinson himself then tested positive, so the couple has been self-isolating at home in Mayberry Avenue, Hereford, since the birth, but mum and baby are both said to be doing well.

Mr Robinson does not know where he and his wife caught coronavirus, although he suspects he may have been infected at the supermarket.

"It was a complete shock, especially for Gemma who hadn't left the house since early December," he said.

"Since December 10 I'd hardly left the house myself, we'd just been here.

"It was a complete shock, we're both really cautious when we do go out with masks and everything."