WHILE most of us are pulling together to get through the coronavirus crisis heartless criminals are preying on vulnerable people.

They are texting people and asking them to book their vaccine through a link which then asks for personal and/or financial details, say Herefordshire's police.

The crooks also make phone calls that play a recorded message telling victims that they have now qualified for the vaccine.

They are asked to press a number to arrange their booking.

In both instances, victims are asked for personal information, financial details and payment to receive the vaccine.

Police say people should be wary, and pause to consider if the communication is legitimate if they are contacted by anyone asking for payment for the vaccine.

The NHS does not charge for the vaccine and any calls, texts or emails such as this should be treated as a scam, police say.

Anyone who has received these emails or texts should forward them directly to the NCSC at report@phishing.gov.uk