I worked as a teacher and head of year at the John Kyrle High School for 39 years.

I found my colleagues were wonderful, as were the pupils and the parents and carers.

I was very sad indeed after reading the report about Jo Lucas’s employment tribunal case.

I took my time to read the 70-page judgment written by an independent judge.

It was scathing about the two headteachers, as well as those who are supposed to be governing the school.

Recently, I read about yet another court case, this time involving JKHS and Dene Magna School.

In her judgement the High Court judge was also scathing about JKHS and its decision to try to stop Dene Magna having its own sixth form, so much so that she awarded over £100,000 in costs against JKHS.

It’s time to join the dots, my friends – pupils’ money is being wasted, headteachers have lost the plot, and governors haven’t a clue!

I am afraid I have neither faith, nor confidence in either the headteachers or the governors at the school over the above issues.

Staff, parents/carers and pupils deserve better!

Gwyneth Gill