Herefordshire Council plan to waste more tax payers' money on one of the quietest and widest streets in the city. They intend to use £300,000 towards providing a contraflow lane for cyclists along St Owen Street, with enhanced pedestrian crossing points including a controlled crossing. Where are these cyclists and pedestrians coming from and going to?

I walk along St Owen Street several times a week at different times of the day, I might see one or two cyclists at any time. The council declares this is for cyclists to 'access employment'. There being no large housing estates at Hampton Bishop and most residents from Tupsley use Ledbury Road, is it coincidental that the town Hall is located at the town end of St Owen Street?

They also intend providing a grant of £200,000 to two private businesses one provides eCargo carrier cycles and the other eBike cycles. There is also a proposal to build 2,500 more council houses. Statistically this puts another 2,000 - 3,000 cars on the road or will the houses only be let to non car owning families.

The sooner this council of clueless climate loonies is elected out of office the better.

Garry Cullen


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