I sympathise with the writer of the recent letter about car parking charges at Queenswood Country Park, Dinmore Hill.  

The writer parked his car, paid the correct parking fee and then received a parking charge notice for £100 in the post, on the basis that the registration number was incorrect.

Readers should be aware that there is a new system for extracting money from unsuspecting motorists at Queenswood: the CCTV camera takes a photograph of your car driving in on arrival and another photo of your car departing.

I received these photos with times on them and a parking contravention charge “Onsite in excess of the period paid for”, in the post about a week later, £100 due.

Fortunately, the parking ticket I had purchased was still in my car.

I had paid £3 for two hours parking and departed fifteen minutes before the ticket expired.

If you would like to visit Queenswood Country Park you must take a photo of your car legally parked in the middle of a designated space, purchase your ticket from the machine ensuring that you get your registration number exactly right, Cellotape the parking ticket on to your dashboard to ensure it doesn’t move and is the correct way up, then take a photo of your parking ticket on the dashboard.

Make sure to keep your parking ticket indefinitely in case you receive a parking charge in the post.

Then you can enjoy your walk in the park... if you have time left to do so.

I am a member of Herefordshire Wildlife Trust and support the trust with my annual subscription.

I am unable to subsidise the trust for a further £100 each time I visit.

Janette Ward