Our MPs, Bill Wiggin and Jesse Norman, have voted against extending school meal provision into the holidays in the UK. According to End Child Food Poverty, there are 2,770 children in Herefordshire eligible for free school meals.

Bill Wiggin has informed me that the government has already provided millions of pounds in welfare, vouchers, and funds to local authorities during the pandemic, that school meals are not a general welfare measure and the best way to support families all year round is through Universal Credit.

First, school meals should be a general welfare measure and they are not “free”, they are funded from taxation. Secondly, Universal Credit is not designed for an emergency situation, especially against a background of years of austerity and food banks.

Fortunately, Marcus Rashford’s campaign and local action has cut through the politics, bureaucracy and meanness.

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Let’s all support him and hope that Herefordshire Council will add their support at this critical time.

I hope our MPs will legislate to support families in the future by ensuring that people have enough income to buy their food rather than having to rely on food banks.

Janette Ward