HEREFORDSHIRE Council leaders say they are reviewing the safety of a zebra crossing in Bromyard.

Local resident A Hunt asked the council whether the safety and positioning of the crossing on the B4203 near the Post Office would stand scrutiny in a court of law.

Infrastructure and transport cabinet member John Harrington said the crossing had been designed at the turn of the century.

“[The crossing] will have required departures from design standards guidance to enable its installation along what is a desired line for pedestrians from the Market Square to the Post Office.

“The consideration of such departures is a legitimate part of the design process, particularly for highway schemes introduced within the confines of an existing historical road layout.

“Clearly, it would be for the court to determine the relevance of: the positioning of the crossing; its design; and/or record of incidents and the various factors that contributed to any injury or damage that resulted.

“Such would be considered in the context of the particular case before the court.

“I have requested that we review the crossing and explore what adjustments could be made to the design based on recommendations.”

Mr Hunt asked in a follow up question read out at the cabinet meeting on October 29 whether the crossing could continue to be used in its current state.

Coun Harrington said: “The short answer is yes but I can double check that for Mr Hunt.

“The issue here is that a crossing was put in there back in 2000, I believe with the cooperation of the town council.

"The guidance that was provided was not able to be used completely to put this crossing in.

“The question that Mr Hunt is raising is, is it safe? And as there are some issues with it, issues of accident and the ward councillor Nigel Shaw has raised it with me.

“I think it’s safe that we review it and we are reviewing it quickly.

“But I don’t think it should not be used because it would be impossible to stop people crossing the road at that point so it is better to try and do it under the current auspices of the crossing.

“It’s a fair question, I shall get him a response.”