Writing in the context of Covid-19 pandemic, Henry Faure Walker as chief executive of Hereford Times owners Newsquest and Chairman of News Media Association writes: “We know that our journalism is making a difference, as audiences for trusted news and information have soared” (Opinion, October 8).

Outside the context of Covid-19 pandemic content, the October 8 issue also featured, ‘Poverty-stricken areas are revealed in report’ and the online version of the story includes photo-caption, “Golden Post-Newton Farm in Hereford is the most deprived area in the county and is the only one to be in the 10 per cent most deprived nationally”, while the print edition photo-caption quotes Newton Farm Coun Hunt as saying, “local people feel overlooked by authorities.” (the print edition also reports the sad death of Coun Hunt since original writing of that article.)

“Overlooked by authorities,” but not by the Hereford Times.

I note from having attended a public inquiry into the Southern Link Road and regular readership of Hereford Times, that Golden Post featured in the route of the Southern Link Road planned by Tories, and runs closely parallel to Beattie Avenue.

In May, July, and October 2019 the HT reported on the awful saga of problems caused by vacant social housing prefabs in Beattie Avenue against a backdrop of UK Tory government favouring property developers via Help to Buy sponsorship of unaffordable housing juxtaposed with slashing funding for local councils and Herefordshire Housing Ltd.

Keep up the excellent work of listening to poor folk!

Alan Wheatley