I listened to MP for Broxbourne Sir Charles Walker’s erudite vocal performance on BBC R4’s PM programme this week.

His view/statement on Covid-19 and the realities of the situation are accurate, realistic and pragmatic.

They should be backed by our own MPs and adopted by Boris Johnson and the Cabinet forthwith.

Our country is being strangled by scientists, academics and clinicians who have been scaring the pants off the population by the application of statistical data that does not conform with human and viral behaviour.

I should also add that if you check earlier letters of mine published in the Hereford Times, you will find that ‘I told you so’.

No doubt there are many more who were thinking the same thing, but now they need to be galvanised into action, before the noose overtakes the virus in its effect on our life as we have a right to know and lead it.

Kalvin Haley

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