HEREFORDSHIRE must not get complacent about coronavirus, county council leader David Hitchiner has warned.

He told today’s cabinet meeting that the county was doing much better than other areas.

But he said it was up to the general public in Herefordshire to behave sensibly and still be cautious with how they interact with other people.

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“As a county we are thankfully doing so much better than other places but we mustn’t be complacent,” he said.

“If we are to keep people safe and well we must carry on doing the things which we have been doing and doing well.

“We talk about keeping Herefordshire open for business and the people.

“We need to carry on doing what we are doing and being cautious and sensible about how we interact with people.”

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He said councillors should encourage people to follow the guidance as much as they can.

“It is the community that is holding it all together.”

He thanked health, care and council workers for all of their work.