COUNTY planners have rejected a scheme for to build four homes in a village near Hereford over flooding concerns.

The Diocese of Hereford’s plans to develop land north of the B4348 next to Worm Brook in Much Dewchurch was met with strong opposition from local residents who called for its rejection.

The parish council also called on Herefordshire Council to turn down the scheme after so many lives were ruined across the county due to flooding last winter.

The council’s planning committee considered this application last month and had called for a flood risk study to be undertaken before making any decisions on the scheme to develop.

However, the Diocese said it would not be undertaking a flood risk assessment and that flooding was not an issue.

They also said photos of flooding on the site were misleading and that they would appeal if the scheme was rejected.

Council officers recommended approving the plans subject to conditions.

But ward councillor Christy Bolderson said there was evidence of flooding on the site going back as far as 2007.

“It would be negligent for the plans to be approved,” she said.

“There are more suitable sites in Much Dewchurch for development.”

Councillor Sebastian Bowen said it was manifestly clear that the site floods on a regular basis and proposed refusing the plans.

He also said there were concerns over road safety as it is an extremely busy road.

“More pressure on that road is unnecessary and refusing the application could save lives.”

Councillor Toni Fagan seconded the motion and said there was real evidence that the site floods regularly.

And councillor Paul Rone agreed.

“It’s a floodplain. That’s why it has never been built on before.”

The committee rejected the scheme with thirteen votes in favour and two abstentions.