Whatever you think of Extinction Rebellion’s tactics, ignoring their message is dangerous.

Climate change is here. We keep having the hottest and wettest days on record. Worse is coming.

If we don’t act now to protect nature and reduce our impact on the Earth, we won’t survive. And we will take the rest of life with us.

Government ministers claim they have this under control.

All the evidence says otherwise. Do they have anything under control?

The targets that this Government set for climate action are simply not enough, and we are even failing to meet those.

Current policy is trying to provide green tweaks to our lives so nothing has to fundamentally change.

It won’t be these politicians who will have to deal with the consequences, it will be our children.

We have an important choice to make – now.

Either we let the dithering continue, knowing we will have to deal with massive climate impacts and global threats to life.

Or we demand more of the people whose job it is to keep us safe.

Kristina Jamieson