PEOPLE in Leominster should be better prepared when the river Lugg bursts its banks with an upgrade to the flood warning system.

The Environment Agency said it has improved the free flood warning system, and is now able to offer people living in Leominster better information about flooding in the area.

The agency said: "Flooding is dangerous and can happen very quickly. The effects can be devastating.

"The ability to take action to protect properties and move belongings to safer areas is vital to communities and the flood warning system is the most effective way to communicate impending risk."

In the wake of Storm Dennis in February 2020, the river Lugg in Leominster peaked at 3.76 metres – the highest level ever recorded at Butts Bridge.

It was the same picture up the river at Byton, near Presteigne, as the highest level ever recorded there was 2.18 metres on February 16, 2020.

"The Environment Agency is always looking for ways to help communities impacted by flooding be better prepared," a spokesperson added.

"Data from recent years has shown that additional warnings, along with the existing ones, would help those living and working in Upton-upon Severn and Leominster be prepared for flooding.

"These new warnings do not show a change in flood risk for these communities, they mean we can give people better, more targeted information about when flooding may happen."

The new warnings cover the river Lugg at Kenwater, Eyton and the Broads.

The Environment Agency said it was important to note there has been no increase in the risk of flooding to these properties and this new flood warning will not affect insurance premiums.