HAVE you had your photo taken with a famous face?

In the age of the selfie, many people have been lucky enough to have a snap with a celebrity - I was lucky enough to cook for one.

With more TV companies using the beautiful Herefordshire countryside to film in, and our scenery providing a gorgeous place to visit and live - chances are many of you will have come across a famous face.

Jessica Hynes, actress, comedian, director and writer, spent a few days canoeing down the River Wye with family. At the time, I was running a village pub and she popped in the kitchen to compliment me on the food!

We would love to hear about your encounters with famous people - and share your photos.

Community answers

Have you ever had your picture taken with a celebrity in Herefordshire or further afield?

"We're putting together a gallery of your pictures with celebs, whether that's here in Herefordshire or further afield... don't forget to tell us a bit of information about your meeting, too!"

We asked for your responses - this is what you sent.

From Matthew Lowe

What is your response?Ryan Giggs popped into my restaurant in Hanoi

Your pictures

Hereford Times: The day Giggsy popped inThe day Giggsy popped in

From Community contributor

What is your response?Dani Minogue was presented with an Honorary Doctorate from the University of Southampton in 2011 and I was lucky enough to be one of the 10 people invited to attend and met her. She was lovely and so so small! I also met Prince Philip a few years later in 2013 at St James Palace and Richard Hammond at Hereford does strictly come dancing 2019!

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Hereford Times: Danni Minogue meetingDanni Minogue meeting
Hereford Times: HammondHammond
Hereford Times: Prince Philip and I are his 500ty Gold Duke of Edinburgh award ceremonyPrince Philip and I are his 500ty Gold Duke of Edinburgh award ceremony

From James Lewis

What is your response?I got to meet Sergio Perez F1 driver while I was staying at the hotel near Silverstone. We got to have a drink and socialise with some of the F1 teams that evening. Being a huge F1 fan this really made my evening.

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Hereford Times: Myself (James Lewis) and Sergio PerezMyself (James Lewis) and Sergio Perez

From Karen Harris