ON Tuesday, September 1, I travelled from Hereford on the 9.39am train to Birmingham (I left the train at Droitwich Spa) and at some point during the journey lost a black glasses case containing prescription sunglasses, a bluetooth headset, a USB stick and a couple of other items.

It possibly happened when I changed coaches at Ledbury and I didn’t realise my rucksack was slightly unzipped.

When I realised the case was missing I went back to the original carriage at Malvern Station, but failed to find it.

My hope is someone who joined at Ledbury but got off in Malvern picked it up.

I contacted the lost property office of the train company straight away but they have now confirmed that nothing has been handed in. I am willing to pay a small reward for its safe return with all items intact.

If you are able to help please contact me by email to jbtransport1966@googlemail.com or call me on 07881 635733.

Julian Broome