THERE’s a battle going on at the Norman family farm, an invasion fight that dad Tony and his family are determined to win.

For Tony and sons are just too passionate about conservation to allow the North American Signal Crayfish to displace the native White Clawed Crayfish on his land.

It’s the latest conservation fight that they have thrown themselves into – with the same passion that they have shown for decades.

The Leen Farm at Pembridge is a successfully and award-winning dairy and poultry business run by Tony and sons Rich and Chris.

But it’s also a wildlife haven.

There are three strands to the conservation work that has been done over many years.

Several fields have been tuned into wildflower meadows, containing such things as orchids.

Tree planting has been taking place for years across their land, particularly to reintroduced elms and Black Poplars.

And in the stretch of the River Arrow that runs through their farm they have brought back otters, encouraged salmon and eels, and are now wading into the crayfish battle.

Strangely – or maybe they knew who they were dealing with – the Signal Crayfish have made their way up the Arrow as far as the Norman’s boundary, and there they stop.

On their land the indigenous White Clawed Crayfish remain.

And that’s how the Normans plan to keep it, having just finalised a review to identify where they are and how best to keep them safe.

The farm has been nominated in the Conservation category of the Three Counties Farmer annual Awards.

An anaerobic digester means the farm is not only self-reliant on electricity, it provides power to the grid and is carbon neutral despite all the methane that a dairy herd produces.

But it’s the commitment to conserving the flora and fauna of Herefordshire that Tony is proud of – a passion being passed down the generations to his sons, daughter, and his nine grandchildren.

To nominate someone for an award just go to and fill in the online form.

Entries close on September 18. Categories are: Sheep Farmer Award; Farm Conservation; Cattle Farmer; Family Run Farm; Pig Farmer; Young Farmer (under 25); Poultry Farmer; Farming Hero; Arable Farmer; Farming Contractor; Fruit/Hop Farmer; Outstanding Achievement.

This year’s awards ceremony takes place in November in the form of a digital live broadcast and includes a star-studded array of stars either hosting or dropping in with special messages.