I just wanted to make a comment on the new speed restrictions.

This is, in principle, a good idea but it’s never going to work unless there are massive 20mph signs up and painted on the road.

I am a local long established Hereford business and key worker, and I drive into Hereford every day, as carrying equipment prevents me from cycling or walking.

I do 30mph from home all through town, 20mph by new cattle market, and people pass me all the time, some in excess of 50mph over the bridge. Clear signage and cameras are the only way forward.

I fully understand the frustration some road users experience in having to get through Hereford.

It’s a complete nightmare for lorries, and why does the entrance road from Waitrose have priority over the main A49! These light sequences are a real joke.

Here you can... is the motto:

Here you can … sit in traffic for ages.

Here you can … ruin your tyres and suspension on potholes.

Here you can … not wait to get out of the other side.

Sian Williams