Wood management and learning how to use a blacksmith's forge are two of the more unusual nominations in this year's Hereford Times Health and Social Care Awards.

The Cart Shed at Norton Canon and the forge run by Hereford Make may seem miles away from a hospital or GP surgery or care home, but they are playing a key role in the health of local people.

Both run activities that provide support for people with mental health issues, and both have won high praise from users.

Terri Wilson, from Crooked Well, has seen at first hand the support and confidence building at the Cart Shed.

The 'dedicated staff' have been supporting her partner for years, and she says that without them he would have been left outside the standard mental health services.

James is an inspiraton

James Baker has been nominated for an award after running Hereford Make for a decade, often for no pay.

The community interest company offers a forge, casting foundry and craft workshop for local artists, makers and smiths.

His nominator, Joshua Fincher, says James, who suffers from autism, has found bursary support for people with mental health issues and created an environment where people can work and improve skills without fear.

"He spends huge amounts of time with members of the community with mental health difficulties. He has a deep and abiding level of care and has been an inspiration."

  • The awards take place in November and there is still time to nominate someone who you think deserves special recognition.

This year's mental health award is even more important given the stress and strain that coronavirus has caused.

Nominating someone is quick and easy - just fill in the form at go https://www.herefordtimes.com/awards/healthandsocialcare/

Entries close on August 21.

The categories are: Health Care Team; Care Hero; Care Home Worker; Domiciliary Home Worker; Good Nurse; Care Trainer; Child and Adolescent Health; Dementia Carer; Palliative/End of Life; Mental Health; Health Care Employer; GP Practice of the Year