TEMPORARY traffic measures meant to help prevent the spread of coronavirus as the lockdown is eased came into effect in Leominster this month.

Leominster’s High Street and Corn Square are now closed to vehicles from 10am to 1pm Monday to Saturday.

And a 20mph limit covers the town centre and Hereford Road as far as Leominster Primary School.

These changes are being implemented by Herefordshire Council and are part of a national scheme funded by government to provide safe space for people during the pandemic.

These measures should help prevent the virus spreading as transmission is greatly reduced outdoors and where people are able to keep at least a metre apart.

Councillors say this scheme reduces the chance of a second wave and lockdown, which would be dreadful for their town and businesses.

Leominster South councillor Trish Marsh said: “Our narrow pavements make it impossible for people to keep one metre apart when shoppers need to pass and there are queues on the pavements “The closure makes it safer for buggies, people with mobility issues and everyone passing each other and queues on narrow pavements.

“The part time pedestrianisation provides a regular opportunity for people who are vulnerable and concerned about catching Covid to shop safely. One third of Leominster’s population are defined as vulnerable.

“It is even more enjoyable to browse our excellent independent shops in a car free zone “Our Tourist Information Centre is open in corner of Corn Square from 10am to 2pm.

“And free public toilets are available at our bus station and Broad St car park, also Central car park from 8am to 2pm and the Grange.

“Everything in town is within a short distance- with many free and cheap car parking spaces within yards of the centre: we have well over 500 spaces near the town centre.

“There’s free on street parking in Broad St, Church Street and many other nearby locations “And disabled parking spaces in Etnam St car park, Central car park, Broad St and Broad St car park: those with blue badges can also park in many other places legally.”