PRIME Minister Boris Johnson says he supports projects which will makes people's lives easier like the Hereford bypass.

Herefordshire Council are currently reviewing the scheme and Mr Johnson says it is their democratic right to do so.

During a visit to Hereford County Hospital today Mr Johnson said he is a believer in infrastructure projects, and he would be looking at the A49.

“To the best of my knowledge the council is currently reflecting on this bypass. It’s their privilege and their democratic right,” said Mr Johnson.

“What I would say is that I’m a believer of getting good infrastructure done. Across the whole of the United Kingdom there is no doubt in my mind that there are brilliant things that we could do quite fast that would improve the quality of people’s lives.

“Junctions, bypasses and simple things. In addition to all the big infrastructure projects we’re going to do that can really shave five or 10 minutes off people’s day and make their lives easier and better, we want to do them.

“We will certainly be looking at the A49.”