Further to last week’s Talking Point in which the provision of £14m for “market town economic development” was described, I am, of course, delighted that such money will become available but concerned that only “town council leaders” are to be asked how it should be spent.

Herefordshire Council may not be aware of Genecon experience in rural regeneration which emphasises the importance of “collaboration between market towns and their hinterlands”.

I cannot speak for Ledbury and Ross but certainly the three north Herefordshire market towns depend on the surrounding villages to support their shops and services and any proposals which do not take this fact fully into consideration could be valueless or even damaging to Support Local Business campaigns.

It is unfortunate, therefore, that meetings are being held at a time when many parish councils are on holiday and I hope they will be consulted at the earliest opportunity.

Chambers of trade should also be asked for their input.

Julia C Evans