From recent announcements I see that Herefordshire Council intend to introduce temporary traffic measures linked to the Covid-19 emergency in towns within the county.

It is suggested that these arrangements will make it easier for people to move around freely and walk and cycle more in town centres as we come out of lockdown.

I believe only a matter of days were given over to consultation on the measures and I should therefore be interested to know how the council intend to monitor their effectiveness and workability.

Also it is not clear how they are to be enforced and what arrangements there are for review and amendment if problems occur. If they prove detrimental to businesses and residents will they be reversed for example?

For those people living in the widely scattered rural areas of Herefordshire the new arrangements would seem to pose difficulties as walking or cycling to their local town is clearly not really practical for these residents.

Have the council considered this and the needs of these country dwellers in their plans?

Lastly, I take it that councillors will be leading by example on these measures and walking and cycling themselves in conducting council business?

Dr Peter Harries